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"You are about to change your life, learn trading ideas & trading strategies that I use in all my trades for trading stocks and trading cryptos."

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Stock / Equity Trading Course
Crypto Trading Courses

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If you are a crypto trader or stock starter, beginner or have experience, these trading courses are designed for you. Choose one to one Zoom Call course where we share screen and learn real application of crypto trading, stock trading & understand cryptocurrency how to questions and trading ideas that will make you a Trading King! 

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Crypto Trading Strategies
Weekly Member's Webinar
$99 Per Month

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Crypto Trading Strategies, a perfect monthly membership plan for anyone who wants to join us for crypto trading signals & crypto trading strategies.

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One to One
Zoom Call Tutorials
$399 Per Course

Unique set of trading courses where I show you on live Zoom Call (One to One sessions) on how I take trades. Best stock trading course & crypto trading course where you learn how to enter or exit any trade like a trading king.

Trading Floor

Trading Ideas
Handpicked for Your Exchange
$199 per Exchange per Month

Are you looking for unique service where I just pick stocks or crypto for your exchange? E.g. do you want top stocks to trade with entry and exit price points, with trend reversal dates?

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Falcon Wave Count for Bitcoin and Nifty50

Get Trading View chart sharing activated with Falcon Waves for Bitcoin, Nifty50 or any other script of your choice. 

$99 per month 

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